Innovative solutions in the industral sector.

Q-Tech was founded in 2002 as a consulting firm in the highly specialised fields of optics and optoelectronics.
Its vast experience in designing laser systems acquired over the years led the company to progressively develop highly innovative proprietary solutions for real-time measurement and dimensional controls for a wide variety of materials. A separate branch was established on this reservoir of skills dedicated

to developing optical measurement systems for the industrial sector. Currently, our various families of constantly evolving measurement systems are commonly used in difficult dimensional control situations on production lines for steel cables, bars, tubes, beams, girders and metallic profiles with random complex cross-sections, guaranteeing full production process traceability and constant and reliable quality control of the plant’s entire production.

Since 2010 Q-Tech combines various optoelectronic companies with the same commitment: sharing quality and skills to grow together.

ADCF realized projects55%
ADBT realized projects38%
ADPC realized projects72%