ReLine System

Laser systems for dimensional and defect controls right on the production line

The ReLine system includes laser profilometric solutions designed for dimensional and defect control directly on the line and in real time for production plant typical of the metallurgical and metal product manufacturing industry and even in the food sector.
Every ReLine system is composed of a Measurement

Station containing laser sensors that acquire the target’s geometric profile, and a Control Station that includes the data processing system and measurement software.
Depending on the target’s geometry, Measurement Stations can be used with up to eight synchronised

and geo-referenced laser sensors to acquire a complete 360° profile. Standard measurement stations are designed to acquire targets at room temperature, while specially improved versions are available for hot targhets and harsh enviorments.

The distinctive element of ReLine3D systems is their ability to perform dimensional surveys at very high frequencies along with real-time dimensional analyses of adjacent material cross-sections: these two key factors allow it to instantly detect any defects or non-conformities in the material and to interface quickly with the plant’s automation to automatically separate the conforming material from the defective one.

  • 360 degrees profile reconstruction
  • Scanning of subsequent sections with measurement frequencies of up to 1 KHz
  • ‘Simplified’ mode for extreme ease of use in detecting ‘standard’ defects
  • ‘Expert’ mode for random dimensional controls that can be defined according to the product’s nominal section width (from a dxf file)
  • In-line control of 100% of production
  • Real-time alarms for rejection of non-conforming material
  • Automatic report generation for process documentation and traceability

ReLine3D, controls directly on the production line.

3D high-frequency laser scanner for dimensional and defect controls

Dimensional control

Surface defect control

1Carbon structure for high dimensional stability.
Versions available for measurements of incandescent targets (up to 1000 °C).

2Measurement Stations integrated with multiple Laser Sensors (up to eight).
Multi-wavelength synchronised light technique to minimise sensitivity to target vibrations.

3Measurement Stations with sensor rotation to maximise configurability of the angle of view even for targets with complex cross-sections.

4Measurement areas up to Ø 500 mm.
Automatically adapts to the target’s surface characteristics.