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ADCF System

Dimensional Analyses for Ropes and Cables

The ADCF System was designed for highly accurate dimensional analyses during the drawing of ropes and cables having complex geometric cross-sections.

“Validity Area” analysis checks that all of the points measured for each section belong to the correct validity area specified by the user.

Standard ADCF configuration

No. Sensors: Four measurement heads
Measurement area: Ø 10 mm
Resolution: 0.001 mm
Accuracy: 0.01 mm
Frequency: 10 Hz
Technology: LED Pulsato
Notes: Struttura in carbonio
Functions: Complete profile control
Quality report with material feed [10-100 m]

controls directly on the production line


ADCF system with four product measurement sensors


In case of alarms, the progress of the defective cross-sections can be identified in order to discard them from the reel in production


A detailed process traceability report provides a synthetic view of the control results at stages defined by the operator.