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ADBT System

Defect Analyses for Bars and Tubes

The ADBT System was designed to identify surface defects particularly on brass bar and tube production lines.

Standard ADBT configuration

No. Sensors: Four measurement heads
Measurement area: Ø 60 mm
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: 0.05 mm
Frequency: Fino a 1000 Hz
Technology: Laser Pulsato
Functions: Automatic defect identification
Simplified Management
Round and hexagonal controls
Bar rejection command
for plant automation

controls directly on the production line


ADBT system with four product measurement sensors.


Its extreme ease of use (simply set defect width, depth and length parameters to get to work) and ease of integration in pre-existing plant make it the most requested, highly tested and reliable system today for separating conforming and defective material.