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ADPC System

Dimensional Controls for Complex Profiles

The ADPC system was designed to allow dimensional analyses on production lines for profiles with particularly complex cross-sections, with random user-defined height surveys.

Standard Configuration

No. Sensors: Four measurement heads
Measurement area: Ø 200 mm
Resolution: 0.02 mm
Accuracy: 0.01 mm
Frequency: 100 Hz
Technology: Pulsed Laser
Functions: User defined controls
Based on a .dxf cross-section
Rotating measurement head for better angle of view

controls directly on the production line.


ADPC system with four product measurement sensors.


A detailed report for each production batch provides complete traceability of the production process, documenting the quality controls performed.


The controls to be performed are defined via a simple graphic interface visualising the profile of the target’s nominal cross-section (in dxf format) so that specific controls with their tolerances can be set.


All of the controls defined in this way are then applied in real time to every cross-section acquired by the system, so that the conformity of the product being machined can be verified against the supply requirements.